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I was browsing through deviantart one day when I noticed a journal entry made by a group called Kinnetics Racing aka TechAcelaRacing  They talked about how they shot a user known as @pecola2011 curious about the situation, I read some of their twitter arguments, and noticed that The kinnetics were pissed at him for some of the dumbest shit. I decided to look further in their tweets and saw that this was definitely not their first argument. I saw that this group is constantly getting called out for the things they do, like pedophilia, overly violent behavior, a weird fetish for belly buttons, and getting users suspended for disagreeing with them like not liking dora the explorer. speaking of which, despite the kinnetics writer bieng a full grown man. He's obsessed with a show made for 3 year olds... I'm being dead serious here. If you look on their deviant art page and twitter pages, you will see countless amount of pictures of bellybuttons Microsoft painted on a character's stomach, dora the explorer pics, and pictures of cartoon characters photoshopped by cars. I'm not sure what this dude's issue is, but this guy needs some serious help. I mean, what normal person is this obsessed the scars left by imbecile cords? Than painting it on pictures of children, while saying shit like "going to blow rasberrys on doras tum tum *chuckles*" in case you can't tell, the guy who made these freaks is Mojorocka in case anyone denies that, they have the exact same fetishes, both get butt hurt easily, and their both obsessed with indy car, top cat, snooper, sonic, and dora. He even advertises the kinnetics on his channel.

But don't worry kids, fur faggotry and pedophilia aren't the only things this stalker obsesses over. He also bashes the anime fanbase, bronies, directioners, people who hate dora, democrats, gays (he claims to be against homosexuality, but he only complains about male on male) Now I'm not a fan of the majority of the things I mentioned, but i bring this up because he bashes all these fanbases for no reason, then later complains about everyone insulting him, trolling him, or sending him death threats. Hmm, maybe you should try respecting others opinions if you don't want to become the biggest bitch on the internet.

As I was doing research on the kinnetics, I noticed that tails (@RealIndyTails24) and Antoine (@Sirantoine45) had a lot of followers. at first, I was shocked, then I looked at their followers... all I saw was Glen's sock puppet accounts and spam bots.... that's when I realized, these people are using the get followers for free app. So I used my app that determines how many of their followers were actually real followers just yesterday... and they both have 11 real followers... LMAO. So next time he uses the "I have a lot of followers" card. screenshot the fake or real followers app, and screenshot the hundreds of bot accounts swarming their accounts.

Thats all I really have to say for now. I won't be surprised if Mojo and his butt buddies end up on to catch a predator or on  The Blackbuster Show. Unused Newspaper signing out


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